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Expanding verticals

Here are some projects I worked on, in the course of 2016-2018 when working part-time for Vidyanext

Video Wall Management

The integration of IT into large displays meant more insight into what consumers are really looking for or what appeals to them. Video walls are a bit like the google ads of the future. Teamworkz Consulting were building a wireframe prototype for the application that controls these displays. View a more detailed casestudy

Styleguide that helped build out the application

Hi-fi wireframes that built a clickthrough prototype for development team to understand.

Digital Connect

Ezo caters specifically to the Pharma industry, digitising processes which were primarily recorded by hand. The solution built was a responsive web application that would update data real-time so that companies could make informative decisions looking at activities of their field agents and partners. View a more detailed casestudy

Creating a styleguide for the development team to start building the POC

Used a mix of flat 2D and isometric style of illustration using hues and tones from the primary palette.

A mix of screens of the responsive web application

Boutique Handcrafted Jewellery

The need was to create a logo mark and logo type for the brand 'Benaazir' that would stand independent of each other. The logo had to evolve around the idea that every piece of jewellery is handcrafted from either silver or gold.

Logo mark created to resemble handcrafted jewellery

Logo use across different mediums and as identity.